360 days in Lisbon, Portugal

01 Feb, 2018

In October 2016 life make me go to an amazing and wonderful country; Portugal.
To be more specific in Lisbon. Coming from Switzerland it has been an absolute scenery !

First of all, time is different and I’m not talking about the time zone, I’m talking about the velocity of life. Everything is chill and goes to one speed. If you think it’s a race, no no no no no my friend. It’s F**** slow !

Second point has been the weather ! Actually this should totally be the number one thing on the list. The sun is always out – temperature going from 12 up to 25 in winter, 18 to 38 in summer. I have probably seen the rain 20 days during my stay I’m not kidding when I said that !

When people talk about Switzerland, a recurring argument is the cost of life, the expensiveness of everything. And I agree, totally do ! Sure we have apparently « high » salary but yea… On the Big Mac index EuroZone had an average of 0.77, Switzerland 1.36. Your average McDonald menu cost you 6€ in Libson for 12€ in Geneva. Anyway, you get me – cost of life was really cheap but salary are also proportional (Monthly Avr. 450€). But we are not here to talk about reality. I’m trying to sell you Lisbon, Okey ?!

Let’s get nerdy; Lisbon has a population of 506’892*  It’s a major city but quite « small » actually. You can travel easily between the different neighbourhood when you are not stuck in the trafic jam.

Metro is cheap so is Uber. Just go for a walk and lose yourself in the city ! Tired of walking ? Go to the beach ! 20 min car ride will bring you to the beautiful Costa da Caparica.

Food is good! And I love food (even if I’m a pain in the ass). Hey calm down ! I’m not TripAdvisor ok, I will just give you some name for you to visit and will not say shit because you should just trust me and go ! It’s not a ranking… Fodes!

  • Casa dos pecados
  • Sea Me – Peixaria Moderna
  • Tartine
  • Cultura do Hamburguer
  • Nicolau
  • Casa de Linhares
  • Alma
  • Cruzes Credo
  • Ibo
  • To.B To Burger or not to Burger
  • Agua Pela Barba
  • Esperanca da Se
  • Café Tati
  • Frutaria
  • Pistola y Corazon

Anyway…If others came back to my mind will definitely add it to the list.

You are still reading ? Cool 🙂
Let’s get personal then. I had a flat mate; a Swiss friend. We had some crazy stories many more to come but what happened in Lisbon, stay in Lisbon. So if you want to hear more, let’s travel to this wonderful city ! EasyJet’s flights are cheap.

OK boys, I can hear you. « What about girls? Did you score ? » Well, amigo, turn on Tinder and swipe between the escorts and the wonderful Portugese/ Brazilian girls. Just do it, you will see. Ladies don’t leave so soon, you can do the same !

Let’s finish this quickly; nice weather, nice price, good food, nice city, girls, boys, nice people, surf, beach… ho yea, beer !

See you there then ?



*2015 Sources : Organisation des Nations unies, Institut national de la statistique