Abitoi Gives Your Clothes a Second Life

26 Apr, 2018

Abitoi is a new Swiss service that allows their user to buy and sell their clothes online. It’s super easy, it’s free and it gives your wardrobe a second life !

The project has been in development for a couple of years and the wait was totally worth it ! The interface is super-clean, you don’t need to do much to put your article online as long as you respect their general conditions.

How does it work ?

  • Create an account, take photos that highlight the article, add a description, and put it on sale with one click.
  • When someone buys your item by credit card, you send it by mail quickly.
  • Once delivered, you automatically receive the money in your bank account.

If I want to buy ?

  • Find the item of your dreams in the Abitoi catalogue, vintage, rare, or cheaper than in stores.
  • Read the article through photos, description and seller by creating an account.
  • You pay for your item securely by credit card.
  • Follow his trip to your home thanks to the shipment with integrated tracking.

Without further ado, give it a try !