Brain Annihilation

13 Mar, 2018

Who’s ready for some Netflix review ? C’mon people I cannot be the only one !

Yesterday, 12th of March, Netflix released a new amazing Sci-Fi movie, Annihilation starring the beautiful and talented Natalie Portman and directed by Alex Garland (Ex Machina).

This time I failed my principle and watched the trailer (it was an accident , I swear ! ??) and one thing motivates me to watch it: The music. It truly immersed you in what you are going to experience and yes, it will be an experimentation. You will have to open your mind to connect with “the shimmer” universe.


The movie will transport you in a “Last of Us” universe and will follow Lena, a cellular biology and former U.S. Army soldier and a small squad of other scientists (Ventress, Josie, Sheppard and Anya). The expedition has to explore an anomaly called the shimmer from which only one survivor returned…

Suspens !

Anyway, the movie is amazingly done with beautiful visual effects.
A movie that deserved his 87% Rotten Tomatoes’ score.

Annihilation is a psychological journey. Between self-destruction and depression it refers a lot to mental illness. it’s based on a review from Vulture.
The four protagonists have nothing to lose. Indeed, Sheppard explained to Lena that the four of them all have a burden; cancer, alcoholism, the loss of someone…
They all experiment self-destruction. In the Shimmer, DNA changed you are not the same you lose your identity, you are lost with your mind. Like depression you give-up and lose hope. Life makes no sense and you have to face yourself.
“Once you return, you do not come out, or you are changed forever”