The End Of The F***ing World

02 Feb, 2018

Two weeks ago, 9:30pm, I was desperate to find something to watch. Lying in bed with the laptop, Netflix answerd my prayer ! TV Show recommended for you : The end of the F***ing World.

Tired of being spoiled by any trailer I decided to just click and watch. After all it was my only option ! Long story short I went to bed at 1 am…

TEOTFW is British dark comedy drama, starring the beautiful talented Jessica Barden (Alyssa) and the brilliant Alex Lawther (James).

I’m not here to quote Wikipedia but the Premise is the following:
17yo James believes himself to be a psychopath. Tired of killing animals as a hobby, he had a plan, he was going to kill someone…. He settles on Alyssa, a rebellious mouthy classmate with a LOT of issues.

I’m going to stop there and will give two choice  :
1. Watch the trailer, be spoiled and decide to watch it or not.
2. Just open Netflix and watch it !

You might, or not love the story, but for once just open your mind to something new and just get inspired by a fictional way of thinking differently today’s world.

This is my personal review of it without any spoil, of course.

Brilliant. I laughed, got sad, got stressed, liked it.
It was interesting to watch. The beginning was cool, middle long, the end surprising.

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