Life-Hack for better skin

20 Apr, 2018

Thanks to social media we all know by now that acne is normal. Not only when you are sixteen years old and the hormons are messing with your body, but also years later. Acne doesn’t care if you are long past your teenage years or if you are tired of showing your ID when buying beer. If acne wants you, it gets you – and we all know how hard it is to get rid of it.

I am 22 and one of the people who weren’t lucky enough to lose acne after a couple years. It’s been seven years now in which I put on lots of concealer and make up to hide the dozens of little, red vulcanos on my face, on my chest and on my back. Of course, I tried everything – cheap anti-acne lotions, expensive anti-acne lotions, pills that only made my skin dry, not eating chocolate (which made me angry and moody), going to saunas, being a vegetarian. Nothing really helped. I was close to just accepting my faith of having worse skin than lots of teenage girls these days, when I stumbled upon the solution on Instagram.

It’s coconut oil.

If you are anything like me, you’re now thinking: Aaaaaaah. Of course. I heard about coconut oil before, heard how healthy it is and what miraculous powers it has. I just never took it seriously, like avocados and Ginger-Vanilla-Soy-Frappuccino-Who-Knows-What-Shakes at Starbucks. To me, coconut oil sounded like something perfect influencer models promote on Instagram, even though they would never actually need to do something about their skin. But desperate as I was, I went to the next supermarket, bought a glass of coconut oil and gave it a try.

And it actually worked.

The day after I applied coconut oil for the first time, I thought a miracle had happend. My skin was the clearest it had been in years. Even though the effect wears off a bit after some time, my skin is still much better. While being very happy about my discovery, I am also astonished that it isn’t all over the internet – that’s why I share this,  hoping it might make your life and skin a bit better.

And here is how you do it: Best apply it in the evening before going to sleep as the coconut oil needs time to soak into your skin. Carefully wash your face and hands, then apply a bit of coconut oil and massage it into your skin. Don’t touch your face after that – bacteria and dirt are, due to the oil, more likely to stick and cause more acne. Go to sleep, wash your face again in the morning. Do this about three times a week and be happy about the results!


Oh and: reducing sugar in your diet, visiting saunas and eating vegetarian are never a bad idea if you are looking for ways to treat your body and skin!