I stopped using Facebook and the crazy thing happened !

26 Feb, 2018

February the 6th, world day without a mobile phone. February the 28th is world day without Facebook.

Two years ago if someone would have told me to stay away from Facebook for 24 hours. It will have been really difficult because it was my job to be connected. But today when I see how the Algorithm has changed and the quantity of bullshit displayed on the social network I’m 100% sure it will be easy to do !

Tired of receiving notifications on my phone, I decided two months ago to deactivate all Facebook’s alert and something crazy happens….

The first couple of days were amazing ! No useless notifications, zero tag of you in stupid post, I felt awesome. Basically I was choosing when I was going to open the app. My schedule was so busy I haven’t had the time to look at it.

But Facebook knew … So it adapts !

Even if alert didn’t come on my phone, when I logged on Facebook, the notification center was full of absolute nonsense !

  • Lily posted a new picture
  • Tyler is interested in an event
  • You have some new friend suggestion
  • Jimmy answers a comment on a post you have been tagged.
  • SexyBomb92 sent you a friend request

Basically because I wasn’t interacting with him, it forced me to do actions and spammed me with bullshit. The fresh content was about people I haven’t talked in years, dumb content who has been interacted by friends was showing up and, of course, a lot of ads…

The same method is used on Instagram. You can receive push notifications that does not appear in your notification center. And those notifications are basically people who interacted with posts you were tagged in the past, people you are following posting new content. So you open the app, check your feed and realise that post number 3 – 7 – 10 are just ads and the top content is not fresh at all, it’s buzzing content.

Anyway… February the 28th no Facebook Challenge, are you capable ?