The power of saying No.

09 Dec, 2019

With technology today it’s so easy to ignore, skip or even delete something without thinking twice. With just a click the invitation of this boring alumni dinner is out of your life, no comments needed.

One day you walk peacefully in your town and guess who’s there? The invitation guy. In this awkward moment, you will probably say something like I have already something or maybe a little white lie such as my dog just died. It’s normal, everybody does it. Every day when you walk down the office and your colleagues ask how you are doing you will in 90% of the time answering, “I’m good and you ?” even if the night before you had a fight with your partner. It’s probably this same old college that will ask you for this famous drink that never happens.

With this in mind, when was the last time you really just said No?
No to an invitation. No, I’m not good today. No, the food is not good. No, your baby isn’t cute. No hon, I don’t want to eat with your mum on Friday. No Mum, I don’t want to eat my veggies!

Suddenly all the frustrations in the world are gone. Can you feel it ? Can you feel the power you have in your hands you selfish bastard! It feels SO GOOD!

Try it, don’t be scared! Next time you want to refuse an invitation for a drink you don’t need to bullshit. Just say No. The choice is yours.